Garissa County residents voted for the wrong leaders that is why they are suffering.
News 07 Mar 2013
Bunow Olat Ali who was a very dedicated police reservist combating crime in the refugee camps was killed at Ifo camp by gunmen who were caught and lynched by the people. The locals should identify the clans of this killers and issue an altimatum for the government to take action.......Full story
IEBC chair Ahmed Issack is haunted by what Kriegler commission indentified in its 2008 review of the 2007 polls....Full story
Warlord Hassan Sheikh of Somalia got his request of arms embargo lift and is ready to miliatise some groups over clans.....Full story
News 05 Mar 2013
Anti-corruption commission should move in to probe if the mulfunctioning electronic voting system acquired by the IEBC was money scheme to defraud Kenyans.....Full story
Grenade attack at Garissa AP camp happened just as the vote tallying exercise kicked off.....Full story
Former councillor for Mandera North Mohammed Aliow alleges that after government officials night meetings on sunday, 2000 pilot papers went missing.....Full story
News 04 Mar 2013
When the so called civilized in election, USA 2000 presidential was somehow chaotic over the “hanging chads” and the recent Ghanaian election rigging when they used electronic voting, Kenyans got every right to be worry of Kimemia actions in indulging in the voting systems.....Full story
Admitting voters verification challenges and the suspension of electionns in some counties to 11th March shows IEBC boldness to deliver seems flattering.....Full story
An attack suspected to be carried out by MRC is killed twelve people including six police officers...Full story
A government official has been killed and a nurse working Dadaab seriously injured by gunmen in Garissa Town...Full story
IEBC the law gives a provision of seven days to release the result, but we are working to improve our systems so that within 48 hours we will have a feel of who our leaders would be.....Full story
News 02 Mar 2013
Exam irregularities being the norm for the region, Garissa with 16 cases recorded the highest number of exam cheats among the 39 counties that were affected on the KCSE 2012 result.....Full story
Presidential candidate Mohammed Dida in Wajir said “We have for years elected presidents who have not delivered. The coming elections offer an opportunity to elect one of your own who is committed in transforming the country for the benefit of all,”.......Full story
News 01 Mar 2013
At least three people were killed and several others injured in Mandera following clashes between two rival clans.....Full story
A proposal to lift a U.N. arms embargo on Somalia (but leaves in place restrictions on weapons like surface-to-air missiles) has been floated among a deeply split 15-member U.N. Security Council.....Full story
News 28 Feb 2013
The ill-fated Mandera bound bus that killed 35 people has put spotlight on the transport system to and from North Eastern Province.....Full story
The Sh202.7 billion revenue allocated to the county governments, Mandera will get Sh249 million, Garissa Sh202 million while Wajir will be alloted Sh240 Million.....Full story
News 26 Feb 2013
Former ECK Chairman Samuel Kivuitu, 74, is dead. Kivuitu died last night at the MP Shah hospital in Nairobi.....Full story
Sheikh Abubakar Sharif alias Makaburi, an ally to the late controversial muslim cleric Aboud Rogo, has sought refuge at a Mombasa  police station claiming his life is danger.....Full story
News 25 Feb 2013
Muslim leaders in Nyanza urged their faithful to reject leaders who campaigned against the new constitutionhave and so endorsed Cord leader Raila Odinga for the Presidency......Full story
Police in Garissa arrest a key suspect whom they believe is behind a series of grenade and bomb attacks in the restive town of Garissa.....Full story
News 23 Feb 2013
The warlord leading somalia as a president has achieved his first step to put back the country into anarchy.....Full story
Mudavadi told Garissa residents "because of insecurity your businesses have gone down but let me promise that if elected I will tackle the issue of insecurity once and for all".....Full story
News 21 Feb 2013
In Liboi of Lagdera, seven people who included five men and two women were murdered in their home at 5 30am as they were preparing to go to the mosque for the morning prayers.....Full story
Dr. Mohamed Abdi Sheikh, Northeastern Provincial Director of public health said  HIV and AIDs infections are on the rise in North Eastern Province....Full story
News 18 Feb 2013
Ms Karua, who toured Garissa and Wajir, said she will restore a sense of belonging to the region’s residents by embarking on vigorous improvement of the poor infrastructure.....Full story
The national examinations agency has increased the registration fees for this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam.....Full story
News 17 Feb 2013
A huge explosion has taken place in Garissa town near Locus hotel. According to the Garissa County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed, the explosive material was thrown from a moving vehicle.....Full story
Kenyans are increasingly being urged to maintain peace during and after the elections.....Full story
News 15 Feb 2013
The so called democratically elected president of Somalia's request for the deployment of Sierra Leone forces in Kismayo, his current lobby at UN against Kenya's request for $10 million for its Naval forces, Somalia is at war with Kenya and the people of Kenya should wake up and elect a president who can clean Kibaki's mess and stand firm against this warlord who is about to get arms from US....Full story
Al Shabaab militants claim to have executed a captured Kenyan soldier and repeated threats to kill five other hostages.....Full story
Four Kenya Revenue Authority officials and four police officers got arrested after they strayed into Somalia.....Full story
Lifting arms embargo from Somalia would mean back to civil war. Rivals self-declared states like Somaliland, Puntland, Khatumo , Galmug and Jubbaland will all acquire arms to fight Alshabaab......Full story
UN said the current conditions in Somalia do not allow the establishment of a UN peacekeeping operation and recommended instead the establishment of a UN Assistance Mission.......Full story
News 14 Feb 2013
A Kenya police reservists who was returning home after a night patrol was killed by suspected al shabaab militia in Mandera.....Full story
Mutula hit out at Treasury terming the delayed release of the free education funds ‘unacceptable’ and asked the State to release all the money.....Full story
News 13 Feb 2013
Supporters of two gubernatorial candidates clashed in Moyale town over vandalism of campaign materials.....Full story
As Presidential candidates crisscross the country for votes, there are boys who are in the hands of Alshabaab waiting to be executed soon.....Full story
News 09 Feb 2013
Western world stand together against the election of Ruto and Uhuru and if they win Kenya will be isolated ......Full story
To buy their Minister Mohamed Elmi said the potential for Kenya’s economic growth is in the neglected 89 percent of Kenya’s ASAL total land mass that lies in the northern part of the country.......Full story
News 08 Feb 2013
Minister Mohamed Elmi said the potential for Kenya’s economic growth is in the neglected 89 percent of Kenya’s ASAL total land mass that lies in the northern part of the country.......Full story
In Garissa a Somali man nicknamed Weli Gaal, who spreads christianity was killed while his driver sustained serious injuries ......Full story
Kenya will reduce its troop presence in Somalia by about 20 per cent in the coming weeks, according to a report to the United Nations (UN) Security Council.......Full story
News 06 Feb 2013
World Health Organisation said Sh7.8 billion is urgently required for emergency health services in Somalia to help more than 200,000 children......Full story
Under the new Salary Remuneration, the taxable basic salary of an MP will increase from Sh 200,000 to Sh 555 696......Full story
IEBC has acted contrary to the Constitution and Political Parties Act by its failure to include the photos, name of political party and symbol of the running mates on the ballot paper......Full story
News 04 Feb 2013

The Maulid festival in Lamu which marks the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (scw) will bring together more than 50,000 Muslim and tourists from Kenya and the world......Full story

A special team of police officers has been set up to deal with cases of violence against women and children if chaos erupts after the March elections......Full story

News 03 Feb 2013

In Wajir a KDF soldier killed and three others which include 2 police officers injured after a grenade was hurled at them......Full story

Secondary school head teachers have warned of a looming crisis if the government does not release money for free education even as Form One selection ......Full story
When Kibaki took power, KBC, Safaricom and other parastatals were acquired or influenced the privatization by individuals alleged to be his comrade. Another looting under Kibaki, Royal Media grabed frequencies and broadcasted without paying licence fees.....Full story

News 01 Feb 2013

Mandera governor candidate Ali Roba said we are saddened by the poor performance of the county in both primary and secondary school examinations......Full story
The residents of Garissa, who mainly comprised women and children, accused the Garissa Water and Sewerage Company of doing nothing to address their problem.......Full story
News 31 Jan 2013
Mudavadi: Faults Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) of locking out many children aged between 13-15 and sends them to early child labour. He pledges if elected to down grade it to a test......Full story
Kenyans and Government institutions should brace themselves for a prolonged electoral process that could last until June, a regional development organisation warned......Full story
News 30 Jan 2013
Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) suspended services in Ifo 2 East and West Refugee camps after gunmen shot and injured its staf......Full story
I would like to be one of the women neurosurgeons from this area said Shamima Abas Mohamed the best KCPE student in Garissa County, with 407 marks......Full story
News 29 Jan 2013
With the exceptions of NEP pupils, students across the nation celebarate KCPE 2012 result. Our schools produced the worst performing nationaly......Full story
Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia escaping from African Union forces are causing security scare in Puntland and Somaliland, the autonomous regions of the country struggling to restore central government after more than two decades of civil war.......Full story
News 24 Jan 2013
The High Court has restrained the Government from rounding up all refugees in urban centres.......Full story
Tribal politics dominate Marsabit County gubernatorial race as three candidates lock horns......Full story
News 21 Jan 2013
His last bid for presidency Raila Odinga promises to go far than Kibaki and provide free education from nursery school to university ......Full story
Party nominations in Tana River County were peaceful despite the recent wave of insecurity......Full story
News 17 Jan 2013
At least five people have been shot dead and four others seriously wounded when gunmen attacked a hotel in Garissa ......Full story
There will be no party nominations in Isiolo and Marsabit counties, since the two major coalitions’ candidates will face each other in the March 4 elections.......Full story
News 15 Jan 2013
With the interest of a ministerial post Mandera central MP Abdikadir Mohammed has said he will not defend his seat and neither will he be vying for any elective position in the coming general elections......Full story
Community leaders from Tana Delta have pledged to support the disarmament exercise spearheaded by the government.....Full story
News 09 Jan 2013

The Parliament Report on Garissa inccident: The Committee Members were of the view that the KDF soldiers had unwittingly exposed themselves to danger because they were changing a tyre in a place not designated as a garage.....Full story

United Republican Party (URP) has received a major boost following the defection of councillors from Kilifi and Wajir counties....Full story
The battle for Northern Kenya votes intensified as current MPs, former MPs and aspirants for various seats dumped jubilee alliance to join rival Cord.....Full story
North Eastern PPO Philip Tuimur is among nine senior police officers who have been moved in new changes announced by the National Police Service Commission.....Full story
News 02 Jan 2013
Why are the current security bosses in North Eastern Province failing to maintain the legacy of Mohamud Ali Saleh the man made it possible for vehicles to travel with no escort through the Province up to Wajir and farther to Mandera ....Full story
Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka accused Jubilee alliance leaders of being “diehard conservatives” who could not be trusted to transform the country....Full story
The agony of being a resident of NFD By Abdiaziz Abdikadir
Putting the Hyena incharge of the meat store By Abdiaziz Abdikadir
I have a dream that the people of northern will be fully emancipated By Abdiwahab Ibrahim
Garissa - a Town Lost in the Labyrinth of Abuses Thirty-years ago By IRSHAT
Our army sent to war on a short notice and the commander-in-chief remains mum by Ahmednasir
It's not going to be easy for Kenya to stabilise and pacify that part of Somalia by Will Ross
A weakening al Shabaab escalates its propaganda by Kipchumba
War in Somalia: Clear objectives needed by Atwoli
The painful memories of the massacres crossed their minds by Ahmedsalim Noor
The emotional outpouring by the residents has largely been unnoticed nationally by Billow Kerrow
In the early sixties of the 20th century NFD was born by Ahmedsalim Noor
Kenyans donít like feting their illustrious sons and daughters by Ahmednasir Abdullahi
Some of the NFD returnees display their refugee papers they were given in Somalia after fleeing the Shifta war. (by Ali Abdi of standard)]
Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission in NEP
News 24 Dec 2012
Muslim preachers from all 47 counties threw their weight behind Prime Minister Raila Odinga, a day after he was endorsed as the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy presidential candidate....Full story
Civil society leaders have warned against a plan by Cabinet to withhold huge resources meant for county governments, saying it would challenge such a move in cour....Full story
News 22 Dec 2012
After months of travelling to Djibouti and Ethiopia, War Monger Hassan Mohamud failed to mobilise support against Kenya’s decision on Jubbaland....Full story
Enraged Orma villagers have blocked police officers from retrieving ten bodies of slain ethnic Pokomo militiamen believed killed in the Kipao massacre...Full story
Shouldn’t they not worry of what happened to Mudavadi, before former Mandera Central MP Billow Kerrow and a host of other aspirants, mainly drawn from Mandera County flock to Jubilee alliance......Full story
News 21 Dec 2012
Three people were shot dead in two separate incidents by gunmen in Garissa town...Full story
UNHCR has expressed concern over a recent decision by the government’s to stop the registration of refugees and the order for them to go back to Daadab and Kakuma ...Full story
Kenya’s decision to place refugees and asylum seekers in camps away from urban centres is a discriminatory and unlawful restriction on freedom of movement...Full story
News 19 Dec 2012
Due to the recent attacks in Garissa and Eastleigh, its the Somalis who have removed the ladder that they used to climb the tree and as a result forced authorities to demand their return to where they should be...Full story
Mudavadi said "“He came to me and told me that if we are elected, the West will not give Kenya money; that our tea can’t be sold abroad" on the other hand Uhuru said that was to lure him into the alliance ...Full story
MRC spokesman Rashid Mraja declared those who have registered in the region as “traitors of Coast Province...Full story
News 17 Dec 2012
Nine people who include Yemeni nationals have been arrested in connection with Sunday night’s grenade attack Eastleigh that left two people injured...Full story
Tonight another blast at Al-Hidaya mosque seriously injuring one person...Full story
In two separate incidents, Two innocent men were shot dead by unknown gunmen and another stabbed to death in Ifo refugee camp ...Full story
News 13 Dec 2012
Was it that Ambassador Ali Ameeriko is the man who facilitated the release of those terror suspects from Shauri Moyo ...Full story
Al Shabaab is offering a bounty reward of up to Sh890,000 ($8,000) for any Kenyan security officer killed....Full story
News 11 Dec 2012
Prime Minister Raila Odinga says it is not enough to return Somali refugees associated with terror attacks to the Dadaab camp, as proposed by Internal Security Permanent Secretary....Full story
Security agencies at the Coast have been put on high alert following a midnight raid on a police post in Mombasa during which three of the attackers were killed.....Full story
News 10 Dec 2012
A man has been arrested and six G3 rifles with16 bullets recovered from him in Elwak, Mandera at the Kenya-Somalia border.....Full story
As Somalia starts to emerge from instability and chaos, 20 years of relative peace and stability are starting to pay dividends for its close neighbour Somaliland.....Full Story
News 09 Dec 2012
Police arrested more than 300 suspects in a massive operation launched after the attack that left area MP Yusuf Hassan hospitalised with fractured legs ....Full Story
In Eastleigh scores killed and over 30 injured including Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan Abdi who is nursing leg injuries after a blast occured at Alhidaya Mosque where the MP was praying....Full Story
45 MPs from pastoralist areas are united and working together to promote the welfare of their communities. ....Full Story
HIV/Aids control coordinator in the Ministry of Health Ahmed Sheikh Noor urged religious leaders in North Eastern not be quick to grant divorces when they are sought. ....Full Story
We are destitute,” a trader at Garissa Town’s only open-air market says as his toe digs into the debris after the market was razed down recently....Full Story
Over 3 innocent residents killed, businesses worth millions torched, 33 chiefs unfairly dismissed, alleged suspects arrested. When will be the consequences of killing 3 KDF soldiers stop?.....Full Story
I am an innocent Kenyan from Ijara District and had never committed any crime against any government officer....Full Story
Farah Maalim, said that by sacking chiefs, the State was trying to sacrifice “small fish” to cover up the huge security failure in the region.....Full Story
In Garissa, innocent chiefs who are the servants to disseminate information and organise public meetings on behalf of the PC’s office are sacked to cover up the failure of the security apparatus....Full Story
The level of abuse in garissa by Kenyan security agencies following the attack on three of its military officers is appalling and a complete contradiction of the government’s obligation to protect its citizens....Full Story
On record Karua said go back to your country while addressing garissa residents, years later another minister from central kenya is on the neck of garissa residents....Full Story
So why did the government act so swiftly and violently in Garissa and so timidly in Samburu? The answer lies in the history of the Northern Frontier District (NFD)....Full Story
UN report: Moyale had the highest number of those displaced standing at 50,592 followed by Tana River (30,000) and Isiolo (9,575)........Full Story
County governments will be starved of cash for at least four months if Parliament does not pass laws to give them early access to public funds.......Full Story
In Nairobi, Police are holding three Kenyans over the bombing of a minibus that claimed 10 lives in the business hub of Eastleigh.......Full Story
Without mentioning the injured Chief, North Eastern PC Ernest Munyi suspends ID card issuing and chiefs in Garissa town claiming that they failed to collaborate with the security forces
Kenya army spin doctor Cyrus Oguna distorts the truth of what happened in Garissa and applies propaganda like that of Kismayo ....Full Story
MPs led by Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim condemned the violence in Garissa and Eastleigh and blamed it on what they described as failed Government security machinery.........Full Story
This morning one killed, many more injured including a county high student as confused Kenyan forces continue unleash their anger against Garissa residents.........Full Story
Audio clips from Garissa

A secondary school teacher in Wajir County is nursing serious head injuries after a student viciously attacked him.......Full Story
The Treasury has set aside Sh280 billion to set up administrative and governance structures that are vital in ensuring that the devolved functions of government starts without a hitch......Full Story
President Hassan stayed put 21 years in one of the most hostile city on earth where Warlord Mohamed Aided and  preacher Sheikh Boqoolsoon were not spared.......Full Story
Neighbours encroaching our territories, sects and thugs rampant at all corners of the country, the killings of 30 police officers yesterday shows that authority and peace has retired with Arab Moi the former president .......Full Story
In Mandera County five people from the Garre and Degodia clans were hacked to death in a Tit for Tat killings between the two clans.......Full Story
News 28 Oct 2012
In Dadaab, the slaughtering of innocent men that traumatized the hosting community in 1994/5 is back again, this time mutilating the bodies of the victims. One of the grieving families said “even when there is a dispute, your tribe or clan will not kill you in such a manner, therefore we suspect the enemies of our tribe who are in the refugee camps to be behind this killings; they want to provoke us against them so that they seek resettlement to a third country in the name of insecurity”.......Full Story
News 21 Oct 2012
The Murulle Clan Council of Elders picked former Mandera East MP Shaban Ali Issack over Mandera East MP Mohammed Hussein Qaras......Full Story
Kenya paid over Sh4.3 Billion to UN's 2012-2013 budget when many kenyan civil servant are battling with poor salaries and the country's external debt is amplified......Full Story
News 14 Oct 2012
Billow Kerrow: The ani-terrorism bill assented by Kibaki is unacceptable to Kenyans and it will undermine articles and provisions of the constitution which guarantee civic liberty and condemns acts such as torture and illegal arrests.....Full Story
Chief justice pressured to removal Judge Mohamed warsame due to the fearless judgment he made against Sharad Rao’s vetting board.....Full Story
Kismayu now liberated from alshabaab, rival clans tussle over who should have the upper hand to control this revenue potential city.....Full Story
News 05 Oct 2012
Dujis MP Aden Duale said my constituents are harbouring and aiding suspected Al Shabaab militants instead of co-operating with security officials to flush them out.....Full Story





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