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Considering education as a conduit to social mobility, economic equality and social justice, NEDA is committed to serve and facilitate the education skills of those who are poorly resourced in this hostile world. NEDA’s education efforts concentrate on providing a broad range of education assistance, with a particular focus on basic education, vocational and technical education and distance education. Special attention is also given to improving access, equity and quality. Selective assistance for institutional strengthening, distance education and higher education are also priorities.

Our education support program will include accountability in governance and management, equal resource accesses for, sustainable approaches for improving education quality in area, the involvement of civil society to emphasize program implementation and policy development in these target areas. Working within country contexts, the ESP connects with local organizations and visionaries, aiming for an integration of local expertise with international experience to achieve appropriate strategies for education development

Having seen, NEP children experiencing little success in the National Exams, members of this network are committed to developing effective strategies for collaboration and capacity sharing to democratize education, formulate effective policies, promote applied and policy oriented research, and implement projects that emphasizes child-centered teaching and management in education.

Provide stipend support for disadvantaged young people to participate in full-time internships on academically and life skills instruction, and mentoring through their educations.

To provide the opportunity for elementary and middle school students and their parent/guardian to participate in an extended education/outreach program. NEDA’s effort is to bridge the achievement gap by raising scores of low-achieving students in reading, math and writing, a bilingual, bi-literate program.

NEDA’s programs include: -
  • Training Arabic teachers
  • Classes for adults in basic literacy and numeracy
  • After school classes for children in basic literacy and numeracy
  • Provide Vocational Skills to Youth
  • Developing community libraries
  • Supporting local schools to get learning resources
  • Support Disabled kids to access their educational rights