INTRODUCTION: Somalia, a failed state for almost two decades, many youths slaved as child soldiers, others fought along their tribes, and now warlords turning to statesmen, the young generations were left in hands of criminals who rule their territories by beryl of a gun.

Horn Afric Youth bump into many difficulties when they flee to all corners of the world due to this man made disasters.  The main barrier they face is language; require the skills to take employment.

HORN AFRIC YOUTH ASSOCIATION (HAYA) is initiated by youths from Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. HAYA is non-profit making organization that empowers those disadvantaged youths in the Horn Africa.  Through networking with peer groups, HAYA empower the youth with educational programs, sports/recreation activities, art/media skills, leadership opportunities

ROJECT AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: HAYA plans to network with local organisations in all neighboring countries to Somalia and address the needs of our youngsters who fled the country with prior plans and dispalced by the civil war.

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