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North Eastern Development Agency is a non-profit making organization that assists the most deprived, poor resourced and marginalized communities in the North Eastern Province, through revolutionized networking relationship.

After decades of crumbling infrastructure, failing parastatal organizations, corruption and widespread poverty in Kenya, NEDA’s partnership with the relevant charitable bodies will engender involvement, contribution and mutual support, exchanging of ideas and teamwork to streamline and meet the needs of NEP communities who had minimum support to boost their life. 

As you heard from the media, the severe droughts that has caused death and devastation of massive scale to these communities. In 2000, NEDA was initiated by individuals from NEP who are driven by the desire to fulfil the needs of those left to linger on life’s edge, deprived and ultimately socially excluded. It has provisional status and vision to reach different rural villages in the region. By working with peers groups NEDA is to provide basic human necessities and combat grassroots poverty.

NEDA’s mission is to unlock the potential of the community through cultural appropriate and tailor-made programs on health, education, agriculture, environmental, sports & recreation, water & sanitation, art & media and other social matters.


A Community Health nurse helping one of the needy patients at a hired clinic