Somalis made mistake and replaced Sheikh Sharif with a warlord who is hatching hostile environment for Kenyan forces in Kismayu. nfdonline NBI

President Hasssan Sheikh Mohamud’s unverified profile depicted him as a professor and businessman who in the past 21 years plus, stayed put in one of the most hostile city on earth where Warlord Mohamed Aided and  preacher Sheikh Boqoolsoon were not spared.

A critic from Jubbaland region nick named Takoy said “in Mogadishu, no man or woman can trade in peace without having militia that guard their wealth, this an argument even those insanity cannot differ”.  

Evident on the tribal based Somali websites the president has already sounded the drum of war mobilising tribes against each other reigniting the Hawiye and Darod clash, on the first day when Kenyan army together with the local militia took control the port city of kismayu, instead of hunting remnants of Al shabaab the President Hassan instructed general Mungab to announce that neither Kenya forces nor Raskambi militia should enter the city.

Reaffirming the resentments of those people that recently demonstrated in Jubbaland against the current administration especially President Hassan, many analyst decoded the antagonistic approach by the government towards Raskamboni militia and Kenyan forces  that librated Kismayu from Al shabaab as a fresh start of the civil war that occurred in 1991.

Kenya is reluctant said abdikarim “police should arrest those leaders and clan elders like Ahmed Diriye who on so many times incited against Kenyan forces in Kismayu” also the government should mobilise nations and handle this man (current president) with gloves off before he ruins the stability initiated by the late president Abdullahi Yusuf and send many more refugees to Kenya.